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I Think I Like: Amy Winehouse

I'm so loving her CD!  My favorite track is Tears Dry On Their Own.  Have a listen…

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My first vacation for Summer 07 has been booked!  For the 4th of July I will be in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic sucking on a fruity drink laced with Rum under a coconut tree.  The hotel I chose is actual a resort with a fabulous spa that I plan to abuse!    I can hardly wait, work had been a beotch lately, so I'm looking forward to this bit of R & R (rest and relaxation).  Totally disconnected, no conference calls, no project plans, no whining, complaining customers, no micro – managing boss!


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The Graduate!

My one and only baby graduated yesterday!!! I can not describe how proud I am of her.  When they called her name, OMG I was so nervous for her!  I felt like I walked across the stage too.  It was a wonderful day with the graduate, family and friends! 

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Smart Car: I reserved mine tonight!

I love these cars.  After travels to Europe I said if these ever came to the US I would get me one.  Well, they will be here in 2008.  I want to make sure I get one, so I paid the $99 fee to reserve mine.

My reservation information:

Preferred Model: PASSION – starting under $14,000*
Preferred Exterior Color Preference: Deep Black,
Passion Only – Interior Color: Black Leather +
Preferred Tridion Safety Cell Color: Black


The one I reserved is totally black – unlike the the one with the silver Tridion Safety Cell above.  And did I mention it gets 40 miles to the gallon?  I can hardly wait!!!

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I think I Like: Lomme Bed

Sweet bed, for sweet dreams!

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Drug Bust!

My previous post was a summary of events from last week.  Somehow I forgot to post about the most exciting event from last week!

I did a drug bust of sorts.  My house is less than 200 ft from a high school.  With my office being in the front of the house and thanks to a number of nice long windows I have the opportunity to see a lot of activity outside.  I often see kids walking by…. some are going home for lunch as my neighbor's kid does on a daily basis.  Others appear to be up to no good, skipping class, standing in the alley behind the houses, and smoking.  On this particular day last week I saw an African American girl and a Hispanic boy stopped on the sidewalk across the street.  The boy was holding a water bottle, and the girl had a cigarette light that she flicked as she put her mouth to the side of the bottle an then blew out a massive amount of smoke. Yea, I didn't know what kinda of drugs they were doing, but I knew it was one!  I watched this go on for several minutes.  I could not believe they were so bold to do this standing in a neighboorhood in broad daylight!  I watched as they began to walk down the sidewalk towards the school.  I saw the boy put the water bottle down on the curb. 

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a grocery store bag and a napkin and jumped in my car and sped down the street.  I stopped where they sat the bottle down and used the napkin to pick it up.  The bottle had a tiny burn hole on the side of it and was half filled with water.  I poured the water out and threw it in the bag.  My goal was to get to the school before they got there and mixed back into the population.  I passed them both as I looked for a place to park.  Jumped out of the car and flagged a teacher down.  After quickly explaining to the teacher what I saw, how they looked and the fact that they were approaching the school, together we went inside and she had an Officer come to the front of the school.  She thanked me for being a concerned parent as I told her I was the mother of a 17 yr old myself and although she did not attend this school I would hope that someone would do the same under these circumstances. 

The Officer came and I gave her the run down and the bag with the bottle.  She smelled the bottle and thought it might be a herione type drug called "Cheese".  Again, my concerns was that they would never find these kids because it had been serveral minutes and the bell had rung while I was standing there for them to change classes.  The Officer wanted a detailed description of the kids, as I was giving that I happened to turn my head and guess what?  THE TWO KIDS WHERE WALKING TOWARDS US!  I said to her in a low voice "there they are right there!"  She said "that's them?"  I confirmed that in fact that was them, she stopped them and had them stand against the wall.  I won't bore you with the rest of the details…but, before I left the school grounds they were both put in handcuffs and escorted away!

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Week WrapUp

This past week was very eventful.  Simply put, glad it's over…

  • I had to go the entire week (plus half of the previous week) without internet service! I work from home and my company pays for my internet and phone service, actually, they are direct billed by the carrier – so, I don't even see the bills.  Wednesday before last the internet service dropped, I didn't think anything of it after restarting a couple of times, I notice the signal had not returned.  I prepared myself to deal with technical support, and picked up the phone to call but realized I hand no dial tome!  Using my cell I called the carrier and was told my service had been disconnected.  I called my boss and explained the situation to her, she contacted the person who handles our telcom/internet stuff and found out that she put in a request to terminate an employee that had left the company and "somehow" my service was cut off in error.  Now don't that beat all!!!! The phone was turned back on the next day.  However, they had all kinds of problems getting the internet service restored.  It was a total inconvenience and considering my role revolves around conference calls and Outlook – NOT CUTE!  The woman that puts in the service orders blamed the carrier, I don't think it was them though.  I think she gave them the wrong phone number – MINE.  I am back online now, but I won't forget this ish.
  • Coupled with the phone/internet episode, we've had thunderstorms off and on all week.  One of those storms resulted in a 5 hour power loss.  I was worried about that new tub of Blue Bell ice cream I had recently purchased :)  Thank good nothing ruined. 
  • T got her graduation invitations and tickets!  It's getting closer…she graduates on the 19 th of May.
  • Speaking of T, her 18 th birthday is next Saturday.  I saw the birthday gift list she has been writing in her room yesterday – I'm not buying any of the expensive shit she has on that list 🙂
  • And one reason why is because I bought her a car in April.  I'm annoyed with the dealer because I haven't gotten the permanent plates or title yet!  The temp/paper tag expired 4/30.  I purchased this car about 4 hours away in Houston.  I called the guy and asked him what the *f was up – he said it shouldn't be much longer and mailed me a blank paper tag (after almost a week) to fill out and put on the car so it can be driven.  He and his dealership are officially on my shit list!
  • T is not living up to her part of the deal in regards to this car.  The deal was that she would get a job so that she could put gas in it and help with her insurance.  The original plan also included that she would save up to help with the purchase price of the car….which she didn't do.   I shouldn't have bought her a car until she could do this and had a job.  We looked at cars for months, she was particular about what she wanted and I was very particular about the price.  This was the first car that met each of our requirements.  I knew the car wouldn't last long, so I paid cash for it, bought airline tickets to Houston the same weekend  – picked it up and drove it back to Dallas.  So, I've been expecting to see her applying for jobs and such….not happening! I'm the only one gasing it up.  I gave her fair warning yesterday…that I WILL sell the car if she doesn't hurry up and get a job. 
  • I have been seriously thinking about my next vacation.  I thought I wanted to go to Belize, but have now decided on Turks and Caicos.  I need to find a travel partner!  I've taken T on all my vacations, but I want to leave her home on this one. I've never gone on vacation alone, so I'm wondering how that experience would be.  I have time off in July, so thats when I would be going to T & C.  Has anybody ever taken a vacation alone?  If so, where did you go? And what was the experience like?
  • Have a great weekend everyone!

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