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2nd Times The Charm…

Thanks DejaVudoo, Barry, Teresa and all the folks that sent me positive vibes and warm wishes for my procedure today.  The Medi-Port placement was a success!

With the local anesthesia I was awake through the entire process, however I felt no pain or discomfort.  Other than some minor bruising and stiffness in my neck I'm doing great.

I'm supposed to start treatment (Chemotherapy) next week.

Dr. M., the Interventional Radiologist told me if any of the incisions open up to put super glue on them…. YES!  He said SUPER GLUE!  Mmmmm Kay.

Cancer sux!

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Mission Failed!

The surgery for the Medi-Port failed.   My Surgeon, Dr. M was unable to get it placed successfully.  While in recovery Dr. M explained to me (I was groggy as hell!) that she tried the right side of my chest, then the left and finally my neck but she was unable to get the catheter into my Jugular vein without something possibly going wrong.

Dr. M says a Interventional Radiologist will have to implant the port – I'm scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow.  Time, a sore throat, stiffness in my chest and neck all for nothing.  The "attempt" tomorrow will be under local anesthesia, so at least I will be conscious.

I am not a happy camper!

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Might As Well Make Good Use Of My Time…

Here I am working as I wait for my surgery for the Medi-Port in 15 minutes.

Wish me luck!

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Creature Comforts

I stumbled across this show late one night a few weeks ago, and fell in love with it!  I'm probably the only person that didn't know about it.  The show originated in the UK years ago and the American version was created it 2007.  The show currently runs on Animal Planet. 

The premise is animals being interview on a variety of topics – art, having children, living in a pet store, politics etc. The voices are of regular Americans and are hilarious!  The pigs have a deep southern voice, the sharks are African American – the shit they say!  I  love how the creatures look – I think its claymation.

Cute and Enjoyable!

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You Go Sheryl!

Credits: Missourinet
Photos: A Socialite's Life & WENN

A singing star from Missouri tells Congress there's no reason to play politics with a disease she has fought. Kennet native Sheryl Crow knows breast cancer. She says she remembers President Nixon declaring war on cancer when she was in high school. Twenty-five years later, she says, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery in the fall of 2006.

Crow has told a House subcommittee on health she wants to know why she caught breast cancer. She has no family history of the disease. And she says the research the bill would authorize could answer questions about how the environment affects cancer development.

The bill would provide 200-million dollars in the next five years for research into that possible environmental connection.

Several Republican and federal health officials oppose the bill, saying it sets research priorities that could hamper current efforts on cancer and on other diseases.

But Crow says the bill should be passed because it's time to act, not talk. "I don't live in a political world and while this might seem like a political discussion, until you are the one in seven women diagnosed with breast cancer, you will never know how NOT political this is," she told the committee.

A companion bill requires health insurers to pay for at least 48 hours in the hospital after breast cancer treatment, ending what some call "drive through mastectomies"

It's not known when an effort will be made to get the bill to the floor.

Sheryl Crow1Sheryl Crow2Sheryl Crow3Sheryl Crow4

Thanks Sheryl.  Somebody needs to figure this shit out!  I want to know where this mess came from too, I have no family history of BC.. so uummmmm, yea!

P.S. Loves the watch!

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OK…. The “CHECKS” Have It

Deciding about using chemotherapy

Reasons to use chemotherapy

Reasons to not use chemotherapy

  • You are younger than 70. CHECK
  • Your breast cancer was larger than 1 cm (0.4 in.). CHECK
  • Your lymph nodes contain breast cancer cells. CHECK
  • Your breast cancer cells have HER-2 markers on them.  CHECK
  • Your breast cancer is not fed by hormones (is ER/PR–negative). CHECK
  • You have an aggressive type of breast cancer. CHECK
  • You are the type of person who wants to do everything possible to treat your cancer. CHECK

  • You are older than 70.
  • Your breast cancer was smaller than 1 cm (0.4 in.).
  • Your lymph nodes do not contain breast cancer cells.
  • Your breast cancer responds to hormones (is ER/PR-positive).
  • You do not have an aggressive type of breast cancer.
  • You feel that you can wait and see if your breast cancer comes back before having more treatment.
  • You wish to avoid the potential side effects of chemotherapy.

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A Farewell Poem to My JP Drain

I found this on an old BC blog…

Oh little drain
so foreign
yet sewn into me
so you become me
and I feel like Frankenstein.

Tomorrow I say goodbye to you
and I will not be sad
because you hurt.

Your yard of rubber tubing
and flattened bulb
are a miracle of fluid collecting wonderment.

But I will take my miracles in other forms.

I GOT MY DRAIN OUT TODAY, YEAH!  After almost 3 weeks, the fluid collection was low enough to have it removed.  I called Dr. M's office and she could see me at 4 PM today to take it out. 

They wanted me to sign a consent form for the surgery to place the port in my chest for chemo – ummm kay wasn't prepared for that.  When I got called back I saw I diagram/pictorial of the port procedure in the slot on the door with my medical records.  Her assistance said "you getting a port right?"  I said "TODAY?!"  "I didn't come out here for that, I came to get my drain removed and thats it"  She said, "Dr.M just wanted to talk to you about it."  I said "oh ok."

Dr.M came in and said you ready to get that drain out huh?  "Ready" was an understatement!  She removed it so quickly I didn't even realize it was out.  Then she pulled out that damn picture, when she looked at me I said "I don't want that port in my chest."  She said "why not?"  I told her because I don't want chemo.

She laid the picture down and told me she understood where I was coming from.  She shared a personal story, and said that she thought because of my age, being young that it would be in my best interest to go this route.   We talked about  the power of God's will and she explained that even though he has all the power, there is some times a plan that is laid before us to follow.  Then she said "now God wants you to allow me to implant this port lol"  She suggested that I try one or two cycles of chemotherapy and if makes me too ill to the point I can't function -  I can stop if I choose to.  The conversation with her was very insightful, allowing me to see her as a person not just a surgeon.

The surgery is set for next Thursday. The procedure shouldn't take more than an hour -  more anesthesia, oh the joy!  Let's see if I show up.

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