New additions… and other ramblins

We have added two new additions to the family!  I rescued an Italian Greyhound a little bit over a week ago.  We are calling him Bellini.

He is a total lap dog, must be held all the time.  We love him!

The other new addition is of the automotive type….  We got a Smart Car!!!!!!!  I have been wanting one since seeing them during a vacation to Rome, Italy in 2006.  So when they announced they would be coming to the US back in 2007 – I reserved one immediately.  Post about it here and here when mine arrived in August 08 the timing wasn't right to buy it as I was preparing my finances to purchase a home….. which ended up being Foxy (loves her!), so I told them to go ahead and sell to the next customer on the waiting list.

Well, I took T's car in for an oil change and was told her Land Rover needed a major break overhaul.  EVERYTHING for a Land Rover is expensive!  EVERYTHING!!  A freakin light bulb cost $40.00 to replace – no, I'm not joking!  It was cheaper to just buy a damn new car than replace the brakes LMAO!  Beside the fact its an SUV and she spends a lot of money on gas between two jobs and school.   So, we decided to go with a new car for her.   Picked it up last Monday.  It gets 45 mpg and LOTs of attention, which she loves πŸ™‚

Since they are made by Mercedes the dealerships are together – makes it convenient to get both our cars serviced at the same time – except her car only needs an oil change once a year!  Can't say that about my Mercedes Benz *tongue in cheek* ….

Here it is:

Black leather heat seats, panoramic roof, ipod integration and cute as a button!


  • Completed my final Herceptin treatment on 6/5.  Done with ALL breast cancer treatment!  Back to life.
  • Started a oil painting class last Thursday.  Something I have always wanted to do.  I can sketch and use to be really good :)  put painting was a discipline I never learned but always wanted to.  I've been wanting contemporary/modern pieces for the house and haven't really been able to find what I want, or if I do the price is the cost of a small island.  So, I figured I would learn how to create my own works of art.
  • Its hot as HELL in Dallas, TX on this day in the year 2009.

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  1. Life seems to be going well. Congrats! Sorry about the heat, though; it's not much better in Virginia.One thing, sorry, but IMO that car is butt ugly! I'm glad someone like them, though; I'll take the Land Rover any day! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Teresa! We love the Smartie and it seems most folks in the area do too with all the questions I have been asked about it πŸ™‚ You can certainly have the LR and all its costly repairs and unsatisfied thirst for gasoline!

  3. puppy and a new car! excellent. My friend has a mini greyhound too! Super cute dog except he can open the fridge with his nose! He loves parmesan cheese..go figure!

  4. Love the doggie and the shirt.. too cute. Congrats on your new ride or T's new ride lol. I love it. Let me know how you love your class!! I have been back to that ceramics place I posted about a couple of weeks ago.. I think I am addicted. Speaking of pieces for home decor, I did two Ceramic Green T's that sit at either edge of the counter, I will have to post a pic.

  5. I've noticed when I'm cooking, he has a tendency to stand up on two legs and try to sniff whats on the stove top – we must break that habit! LOL

  6. Thank you! I try to drive it when I can! She "allowed" me to drive it to my oil painting class last week :). Please keep posting pics of your ceramics, its good you have found something you enjoy!

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