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Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

I was just told this about 1 hour ago.  Mixed emotions and thoughts are an understatement!  I had the biopsy yesterday, results today.  I will be discussing next step with the physician on Monday. 

This new information gives me a different perspective of the yellow "LiveStrong" bracelet I have been wearing since 2005 as I went through my mother's losing battle with Lung Cancer.

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So Addicted To: Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew

I stumbled across this show a couple of weeks ago – lawd I'm hooked now!!! These kids are awesome dancers!

My favorite dance crews are:

Kevin Brewer_JabbaPhil Tayag_JabbaChris Gatdula_Jabba

Jia Huang_KabaKabaMike Song_Kaba

I was sad to see this crew go – I thought they went to early.

Trillanie Brown_LiveLiveTerry Shakelford_Live

Anybody else watching this show?

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The Girl Is Mine

On MJ's Thriller 25th Anniversary release he has a remix of The Girl Is Mine with  Two of my favorite people. always brings the flava – "I like the way he rocks!"

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Top Chef Season 4

One of my favorite show premiered tonight!  I love Top Chef!  Only one person of color this season – and they already told her to "pack your knifes and go!" because she lost the first challenge for over salting some freaking shrimp.

I already have a favorite or two. 1-2-3 TIVO!

The twist this season is a lesbian couple, Jennifer and Zoi.  Ummmm huh, this should be interesting…

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I luv this commercial!

Poppin Crawfish and Beignets in New Orleans

My 42nd Birthday was Sunday, Mar 2nd.  I'm celebrating in NOLA, one of my favorite places!  Main reason – FOOD!  I have been to New Orleans several time in my life, every time is a totally different food extravaganza :)  You don't visit NOLA without making a stop at Cafe Du Monde for their world famous Beignets and Chickory coffee.  What are Beignets?

From the Cafe Du Monde website:
Beignets were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians.  They were fried fritters, sometimes filled with fruit. Today, the beignet is a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. They are served in orders of three.

How do you eat Beignets?  Any way you want to!

Seafood is also a main staple in nawlins, and I LOVE seafoood!  We took the streetcar to the riverfront and I stopped off to twist/pop/suck/eat some crawfish.

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I’m partying like it’s my birthday!

Well…because it is :)  I woke today after living another year, I am blessed!  Celebrating and having an awesome time in New Orleans.  Current location is EnVie Espresso Bar & Cafe in the French Quarters.

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