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Talk to Me

Me C and T caught the late showing of Talk to Me last night.  I had read nothing but great reviews about the movie so thought I would see for myself what all the hype was about!

I have to say, the hype was spot on.  Great movie, with an embedded history lesson.  Don Cheadle was excellent!  I smell many awards in the future for this movie.

Plot:  The true life story of Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene Jr. In the mid-to-late 1960s, in Washington, D.C., vibrant soul music and exploding social consciousness were combining to unique and powerful effect. It was the place and time for Petey to fully express himself – sometimes to outrageous effect – and "tell it like it is."  With the support of his irrepressible and tempestuous girlfriend Vernell, the newly minted ex-con talks his way into an on-air radio gig. He forges a friendship and a partnership with fellow prison inmate Milo's brother Dewey Hughes. From the first wild morning on the air, Petey relies on the more straight-laced Dewey to run interference at WOL-AM, where Dewey is the program director. At the station, Petey becomes an iconic radio personality, surpassing even the established popularity of his fellow disc jockeys, Nighthawk and Sunny Jim.

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Barcelona Revisted!

I've seen Chic From Barcelona in passing and T and I were excited about trying it!  Of course the temptation was to experience the great Catalan cuisine we had in Barcelona earlier this year.  Today, after I was done working with nothing to do and a slight rumble in our tummies we decided to give it a try.

It did not disappoint!

"Good Food & Good Friends"

I took a few shots with the camera phone…

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I Think I like: Teleflora’s Arrangements

Amy, Amy, must not spit on your fans!

Concern is growing for Amy Winehouse following a shambolic performance during which fans walked out of her concert after she appeared to spit at them.

The singer performed at the Eden Project on Tuesday night, following two weeks of cancelled gigs, but fans who saw her performance have joined the growing chorus of people begging the singer to get help.

Reports say Amy appeared to be in tears while onstage, hitting herself on the head with a microphone in frustration when she forgot the words to her songs, and a fan said she finished by spitting into the crowd.

The shambling performance ended when she stormed offstage during her last song – a cover of Valerie by The Zutons.

Melinda Trevaskis, 26, from St Austell, said: "The gig became absolutely awful. Members of her entourage were coming on to the stage, obviously worried she couldn't go on, and she would just shout "f*** off" at them. Everyone in the crowd just felt sorry for her."

I tell ya, if she spit on me it would be ON!!! I would snap her like the pencil she is!

more here…

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QotD: My Solo Getaway

Would you go on vacation by yourself, and if so where would you go?
Submitted by Sean & Stefan.

yes Yes Yes!

Honestly, there is a little reluctance though…. 

I enjoy overseas travel best, but I've wondered about something happening to me and not making it back home and no one knowing about it.  BUT, that can happen with someone.  And, you can register your trip before leaving the US.

Anyhoo, I would actually like to travel through Europe alone for like year!  I originally considered my trip to the Dominican Republic last month to be solo, but promised T a Caribbean vacation this summer after returning from Barcelona.

The planning for a Christmas getaway has begun!  It won't be alone.

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I can’t believe I missed my one year VOXiversary!

I started on Vox July 1, 2006. Happy VOXiversary to me!!!

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I Think I Like: Manny Faces