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QotD: See You Later, Decorator

What is your home decorating style, and how has it changed over time? Do you have plans to redecorate? 
Submitted by enSue.

Modern/Contemporary.  I have wanted to redecorate for awhile, I seiged the opportunity this past January when I moved into my new home.  I am still in the process of completing some rooms with accessories – mainly art for my walls.  The pictures below are from each of my two living areas.  One has a kahki/beige wall with a brown Menlo Park sectional w/white pillows.  The other living room has white leather and I want to infuse silver and colors in the red/orange family.

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All about T

T is 17 turning 18 next month!  I'm very proud of her.. I always have been.  T is my only child, the purpose of my being, my little friend.  I divorced T's dad when she was six years old, unfortunately, she didn't have a "father" figure in her life, but I tried my darnedest to play both roles for her.  My baby has grown up!  It seems like yesterday when she was just 3 or 4 years old.   Although, she is still very "young" minded in some respects she can handle her own and I think my "over protectiveness" hasn't allowed me to let her do some things on her own as I should have.

She will be graduating from high school next month and I am already feeling the "empty nest" syndrome and contemplating what I will do if she goes off to school in Georgia this fall.  T is an exceptional artist, and she wants to study illustration, sequential art and animation.  Her dream is to design characters and make animation films for companies like Pixar, Dreamworks and Sony Pictures.  I'm so worried about her being away from home, but I know she has to leave the nest!

I bought T her first car about two weeks ago.  I've been letting her drive the car from school with me in it until I feel comfortable enough to let go by herself.  This past Friday, seniors were out because the other grades were taking standardize tests (TAKS).  Some seniors in AP classes went to school to study for AP testing.  T had to go for AP Art to complete pieces for her AP portfolio.  My day was full of meetings, so she asked if she go drive herself to school and back.  I was so nervous, but decided to let her go.  I prayed when she left and then when she called me to tell me she was headed back home.  I don't think I focused on any of my conference calls on Friday.  When I wasn't talking on the calls, I had my phone on mute and prayed out loud!!!

Last night was the senior prom.  She looked gorgeous!  She went with her best friend and based on the exciting recap – had a wonderful time.  She didn't come home until 3:00 am.  I wasn't real pleased with that! But, she called and texted messaged me, and since there is only one senior prom, I let it slide and didn't come down on her today.  Yes, she has done and does some things I don't like…. like not keeping her room and bathroom clean as I would like, can be lazy with completing assignments in the past, guaged her ears after I told her not to….stuff like that!  But, overall she has been a good kid, hasn't been in trouble, no drugs or alcohol, no babies!!!!!  So, I don't have many complaints.

T, mom loves you!  You are my greatest accomplishment. I know you will do great things, continue to make me proud!

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Hotdog..I mean doll!!

This cracked me up!!!  Someone has designed a sex toy for your horny dog!  I certainly needed this for Bentley and Berlin before I got them fixed about 2 months ago.

Source: &

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I Think I Like: Cup Couture

Cup Couture offers sexy thermal sleeves for disposable paper cups.  I really like a lot of the designs! Go buy some cheap paper cups and throw one of these sleeves on them – they surely trump the Starbucks sleeves.  There collection includes lines called; Diva, Beast, Jet Set, Glamorous and one for the men.


The sleeves go for $12 bucks each.

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I Think I Like: French Rabbit Wines

I'm such a design whore!!!! Check out French Rabit Wines.  Is the packaging not awesome? And it's eco – friendly… I have got to try this 🙂

From the website:

Born out of a passion for delicious wine and respect for the earth, French rabbit wines are perfect for everyday enjoyment. Our vintage-dated wines, the first premium French wines in an eco-friendly Tetra Pak™ container, are sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards in the sunny Pays d’Oc region of Southern France.

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Gmail Spam: Revolutionary Lesbians Pheromone

I've seen it all!  I got this email in my spam mail today….
If you are a lesbian and you can't find your better half, if you lack attention and love, if you can't find understanding with other girls and you want to change your life, please, read this. Now you have a fantastic chance to start your new life, saving from all your problems and hang-ups.

If you want to – Change your life;
– Save from your problems and hang-ups;
– Become more sexually attractive for other girls;
– Meet more beautiful women, without any problems;
– Grab all the attention;
– Increase your self-confidence;
– Get approached by another lezzies far more often;
– Make a fantastic impression every day and hour – You have a chance to do this now!

Alpha-Pheromone perfume – it is a unique way to change your life. It is a perfume for sexual attraction of humans of the opposite sex. Now, we propose you an excellent possibility to order Alpha-Pheromone perfume to attract lesbians! You will forget all your problems with your single life! Buying Alpha-Pheromone perfume, you will open new prospects for your intimate and everyday life. Today Alpha-Pheromone perfume is very popular in Europe and USA. Such popularity is explained by its low price and high efficiency. Try it and make sure that it really works! You can use Alpha-Pheromone perfume with Exel (23:03:44 10/04/2007) your usual perfume. In our online shop, you can order Alpha-Pheromone perfumes of the latest collections. You can order Alpha-Pheromone perfume even if you live in the backwoods, because our delivery works in the whole world!

"lezzies" that word is so 80s!  If  I believed this shit really worked I would probably order up a case of it 🙂

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