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They’re Here!!


I have to admit … $349.00 for these headphones was waaaay out of my comfort zone!  I know that Bose is a quality brand and all, but gee whiz!  I don't have a problem spending upward of $100 on quality earphones or headphones – because I like good ones.  I have a nice pair of earphones, the Special Edition V-Moda Vibe La Mocha that I truly love.

I needed over the ear, after a lot of research and looking I decided to go for the Bose QuietComfort 3.  They showed up yesterday and I charged the battery for the noise cancelling last night.  I just gave them a test run – fabulous!
The are crystal clear, the highs and lows are phenomenal.  I'm a bass fanatic, so I like feeling the soft leather ear cushions gently thump on my ears.  It's like being the only person at a concert 🙂

The carrying case is very nice, and they include cards to give out to people that might ask about them – Bose needs to quit with that lol.

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Happy Sunday!

  • For some reason, my thoughts flow better in bullets these days – its seems to be easier to push out a post this way – quicker more succinct.
  • Today has been very relaxing – I didn't rise until half the day was gone :)  Did some cleaning, then roasted a chicken, with garlic and new potatoes.  It was very good, everyone really enjoyed the meal.
  • This season of L Word has a lot to be desired!  The "Tasha Williams" military side story sucks ass – all this time I thought she was active duty, in tonight's episode they say she is in the Reserves.  Not that it matters though.  This season is just not that good (not that previous seasons were either), I wish they would put a realistic African American lesbian couple on this show!
  • Travel planning going well.  March birthday excursion booked!  I can hardly wait to visit all the wonderful restaurants (we have reservations at the world famous Brennan's) and soak in the fun and alcohol.  That's a pic of the room below. 

The May vacation has also been booked – we will be enjoying the Carribean culture, rum and rainforests of San Juan Puerto Rico.  The July vacation still needs to be to booked, however I'm pretty sure it will be Greece.  The hotel I want to stay in is ultra modern, and ultra expensive – but I think I'm going to go for it.  You only live once right?!

  • All this upcoming travel was an excellent excuse to upgrade my ipod to a Touch and get new headphones – Bose QuietComfort 3s, because I have to "rock out" during my flights.  Behold the new beauties headed my way (ordered last week).

Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling HeadphonesTouch

  • Well new ipod means new music.  I think I will check this out on new music Tuesday this week.

  • The Wire. The Wire. The Wire.  I'm trying to watch you, but your storyline continues to confuse me!  The newpaper storyline – ummm not necessary.


  • Obama fo you momma 08!
  • I actually don't like Rihanna – don't know why.  But I love this song!  I think it's the Michael Jackson sample.

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Hello… is this thing on?

Yea, it's on, I just haven't been.  2008 lead off with a few life changes, realizations and transitions. I have had few opportunities to visit my old Vox stomping ground.  I've been giving thought to going back to a personal blog, which will allow me the freedom to be more candid with my written expression – undecided.   Life has been good, I continue to be blessed, with no room for real complaints.

Life Snippets:

  • Work has me traveling more than I care to.  Returned from a business meeting in Glendale, CA (nice) on Thursday, two weeks prior, a go live in Angleton, TX (boring) before that another business meeting in Las Vegas (nice – but no time to explore).  Really not feeling any travel for "work" purposes.  The President of my company issued a memo last week, stating that the company has initiated a plan to reduce cost as travel expenses were exorbitantly high  last year.     So, most travel to customer sites will be eliminated unless approved.  Fine with me!
  • New house – love it! It is actually a townhome.  It has everything I could want in a place.  When I walked in I just new I had to live there.  Hardwood, berber, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, custom paint, travertine fireplace – the place is beautiful.  I usually walk in a place and can find things I want to change about it – this place, nothing.  It was the perfect excuse to buy a new bed and nightstands.

  • T is doing well, working hard, still in school.  Although we still have our typical mother/daughter "I tell her something, she doesn't listen to me" issues.   Due to numerous costly repairs of her car, I decided to break down and purchase her a new vehicle.  I had plans to get me a new car this year – kinda squashed now.  I told her, please give me a reason to take it from you!  It is adorable :)  And I really look good in it.

  • My boss finally approved all my 08 vacation requests.  So, now I can complete my vacation planning in time to pay reasonable prices.  Today, my March birthday excursion was booked.  I so looking forward to getting out of town for pleasure.  I plan to eat, eat, drink and shop. Did I say eat?   I have about 2 weeks in July, so I've been tossing around destinations.  I really want to go back to Europe and country hop, but then I don't because 2-3 days in a country doesn't seem long enough to really appreciated it vs.. two weeks in one location.  I will decide in the next week or so.   Anybody been anywhere nice lately?  Taking recommendations.  Don't offer Rome, Barcelona or Punta Cana since I have visited those cities within the last 24 months.  I have some other dates, in May and September where I will do mini vacations, but will have time to schedule those later as they will more than likely be in the US or Mexico.
  • Trying to read a new book – "Eat, Pray and Love" but I keep falling asleep after reading three or four lines.

That's it for now.  Have a great weekend!

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John Legend: Live From Philadelphia CD

I'm a huge JL fan so when this live album came out – I was all over it.  It is only available at Target.  Enjoyable!

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