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Australian Open 2007

As usual I'm rooting for Serena!

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QotD: Beam Me Up

If you could make a magic wish for a futuristic gadget or high-tech innovation, what would your item do? 
Submitted by Red Pen.

Something that would know when I was hungry, interpret my thoughts of the food I wanted to eat, send the flavors to my palate…… and get it  in my BELLY!

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Vox Hunt: Rocked My World

Audio: Show us cover art or share a track from the first band or solo artist you flipped for.
Submitted by Red Pen.

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QotD: In-Flight Entertainment

How do you pass the time during a flight?  What do you bring in your carry-on?

This is a great QotD because tonight I purchased by tickets and hotel accommodations for my upcoming trip to Barcelona, Spain this March.  I'm so excited!!!!

Anyway back to the question of the day – I bring tons of magazines, one or two books to read, my ipod of course, my laptop and portable DVD player and tons of snacks.  One concern that I have for my upcoming trip to Spain is in regards to my return flight.  We fly from Barcelona to London – lay over for 5 hours then fly from London to Dallas.  There is this new rule starting this year (I think) where departures from London require all electronic devices (laptops, ipods etc.) not be brought on the plane.  That is going to SUCK!!! Number one I'm taking my laptop because the hotel has free WIFI – I'm not real keen on checking my MacBook.  And what the F%$k and I'm suppose to do on a plane for almost 10 freakin hours without my music or laptop ?????? Read? Uh no – not for 10 hours!

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Xango Mangosteen Juice is a new beverage that uses the Mangosteen fruit as it's main ingredient.  This juice is the first to use the Mangosteent which is packed full of nutrition.  I had never actually heard of it before so of course I visited the trusty Wiki for more information.

Xango Juice  Xango Mangosteen Juice  is becoming the 'it' product for all nutritional supplement fruit juices. Xango is the only product in the world that contains the highest amount of Xanthones and uses the Mangosteen in its most natural state.  One of my personal goals for 07 is to try and be  more health conscious. 

The bottle is sweet also !  I'm a sucker for slick packaging.  I feel an addiction coming on!

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Gaysuit? – You’re……#!$%! FIRED!

Yeah….I never heard of such a thing either.  That's what Carey on team "Arrow" on The Apprentice called the pink, paisley floral swim trunks he designed on Episode 2.  Carey was in charge of the men's collection, so he decided to design a "gay suit" a "metro-sexual suit" and a "straight suit" to appeal to a wide range of men.  Problem is, he really missed the boat on this one – the audience in this case was not the Consumer, but the Buyers for retail stores.  The candidates were to design a line of swimsuits and show them in a fashion show for potential buyers.  Carey did proclaim his gayness, and I have to say it was very reflective in the swim suit he designed.  Another gay man on the show said "I'm gay and I wouldn't wear that!"  I thought the suit was cute!  But, I knew it wouldn't go over well.  Carey even decided to model his "gay suit" and model did he! He strutted his stuff – proud as anybody's peacock!!!  He gotsa a nice little badonkadonk too. 

To me there is no such thing as a "gay suit" or gay clothes.  I'm gay and I surely don't shop for "lesbian wear" – that's just plain crazy!

Carey is a smart guy, I think he will continue to thrive in the business world – he just needs to leave designing clothes to someone else.

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Good Vibrations….

Let me preface by saying…. I am NOT obsessed with vibrators! Since my last post inclued the iBrator :)  Personally, I don't really like them – my current partner doesn't get into them, women I have dated in the past were not interested in them and I don't desire them either – just haven't found them to be "necessary".  They are cool, but I prefer to use my natural tools.  Anyway, I've noticed an influx of fancy, aesthetically pleasing vibrators over the last couple of year.  I do love cute gadgets!  One of my favorite blogs is, their focus is "a visual filtration of ideas+aesthetics+amusement." They showcase a lot of great, well designed products, and often the latest in vibrators.  These things are so cute and sexy I might change my mind about em.

The Form 6 by Jimmy Jane is waterproof and comes with at charger! It will set you back $172.00

The Nea from Lelo costs $72.00
I'm a sucker for pretty packaging – this wins!

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