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This one is dead on!!! My results show that I am a Dynamic Director. Mouse over any part of the box or strip to learn more about my traits represented by the color strips. My Personal DNA Report

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This test was on point, in analyzing my personality.

Check out my Personal DNA report !

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QotD: The Best Way To Reach Me

What's your favorite way to keep in touch? Phone, snail mail, email, text message, Vox, _____ ?

I hate the phone!!! Please don't call me.  This comes from always having to lead conference calls for work.  When the phone rings I get MAD.  Snail mail to keep in touch, not so much.  I hate texting too. By far my favorite method of communique is email.

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Vox Hunt: Orange Crush

Take a photo of something orange.

Ok I cheated a bit, I took this picture in Rome, Italy in May of this year.  This is a Smart Car and they were everywhere in Rome!!!

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QotD: Home Sweet Home

What is your browser's default home page set to?
Submitted by Kelev T. Cat. My Movable Type blog is my default home page.  I use Camino on my MacBook.

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Caught Idlewild last night.  I'm an Outkast fan, and was excited about seeing Andre 3000 and Big Boi on the big screen.  I won't spoil it for the folks that still plan to see it.

In my review of the film all that I will say is that it was somewhat entertaining although, lack luster in many respects.  

I definitely think it's a "worth see".  If nothing more, I enjoyed seeing Andre 3000 with his ecentric, sexy self.  I've read a lot of different reviews all over the net in the last 24 hours – mostly negative.  Go see it, and form your own opinion.

I give it 5 wings and a pepper!

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QotD: I’m reading (or about to read)…

What books are on your nightstand?

Well, I have so many books on my reading list that they are actually under my bedside table.  Currently I have the following books:

Living The Simple Live      
Life After Life
A Million Little Pieces
The Automatic Millionaire
Access Rome
Memoirs of a Geisha
Chocolate Flava
Curious Wine

The Bible
Disptaches from the Edge: A Memoir of War Disaters and Survival
A Piece of Cake

And I just got these today:

The Google Story

So, as you can see I got a lot of shit to read!!!!!

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