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Vox Hunt: I’ll Never Forget This

Show us an unforgettable memory from 2006.  

Everyone who knows me..or has read any of my other blogs since May of this year, should already know the highlight of 2006 for me was my vacation in Rome, Italy this summer!!!

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Please Do Not Adjust Your Sets!

Yes, it does look like what you think it looks like 馃檪 – Notice the file name I gave the image.  I found this on one of the blogs I read regularly -  Eat Mangoes Nekkid.  This is no carving, the tree is called a Yoni tree and they grow this way – tell me, how is a damn tree so anatomically correct? I wonder if it has a period? Let me STOP!  This tree was definitely named inappropriately!

Lawd I have seen it all!

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QotD: Just Can’t Get Enough

What is one of your addictions?
Submitted by Paperheart.

Puma_5000mPuma_MostroPuma_Repli CatPuma_Roma

I have a serious addiction to Pumas

and hotwings……

and chrono watches with large faces…. I have this one in black and white!

All things Mac…

all things Buddha and zen!

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Yet Another….

Reality Show I will be forced to watch.  I just saw the preview to High Maintenace 90210 airing in E! Jan 1st.  Should be good.

Show Summary: God help the help when world-class chefs, butlers and nannies have to satisfy the rich, the famous and the demanding.

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Vox Hunt: A Favorite Song from ’06

Audio:  Share one of your favorite songs from 2006.

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Patr贸n XO Caf茅 vs. Fletcher’s Castoria

I was talking to my friend tonight about how much she loves the gift my partner selected as her Christmas gift.  I actually had a bottle and found it to be VERY good!!! The flavor is smoky and smooth with a robust coffee flavor.  The bottle came with a card that includes a couple of recipes – but I've only had it in shots.

For some reason, while talking to her I thought about a laxative my mother use to give me and my brother when we were kids.  It was brown like the Patr贸n XO Caf茅 and it actually taste like it – less the alochol.  I couldn't think of the name….. I described the bottle and label to her, but for the life of me couldn't remember the name!  I did remember that it started with a "C".  So, we took to Google to search for it… She grabbed her laptop and entered the keywords "children's laxatives 1970s" beating me to the punch.  She got her results back first, and said "Fletcher's Castoria!" Gotta love Google!

Patron Cafe
Patr贸n XO Caf茅 originated from a very unique blend of XO Fine tequila and pure natural coffee essence. Patr贸n XO Caf茅 is produced at 70 proof (35% Alc. by volume). Patr贸n XO Caf茅 was conceived to be a coffee tequila more than an overly sweet coffee liqueur. The product is blended to be "dry" not sweet as with most low proof coffee liqueurs..

Fletchers Castoria – Laxative

Fletcher's Castoria is a laxative for children. Adults can use it as well. It is alcohol free, made with natural senna, and has a root beer taste.

Any 1970s babies remember Castoria?

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Winter Love