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  • You can't believe how unbelievably happy I am right now!  Why you ask?  Just got a call from the Radiation center saying that my treatment this afternoon has been canceled.  Apparently the machine is broken and will be down all day.
  • I probably should not be sooooo happy, since this is the machine that is killing any remaining cancerous cells in my right breast… BUT, I am!
  • I've had about 14 treatments of approximately 35.  I'm tired of going there every freaking day.  This was a welcomed break today – I thank the machine, and so does my boob!
  • Actually, you don't skip a treatment, its just added to the end – so my finish date is extended one additional day.
  • I'm still happy though!
  • Now…. what will I do with my evening????

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My .08 seconds…..

I posted about a taping I was asked to do a few months back for Gilda's Club.  My interview was long, but they only used a few seconds of it.  Here are my 8 seconds of fame.  I'm at the 01:23 mark in the video… if you blink you will miss me.

Beyond the Red Doors

The video is actually pretty good apart from my idle ramblin lol.  I heart Gilda's!

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Drinking For The Cure?

Found these at WalMart today.  I never expected to see a pink ribbon on a bottle of white zinfandel.  Actually,  pink ribbons are on everything else.. so why not.   I have no problem drinking for the cure!

taken with iphone

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I Ba-racked The Vote!

I was at the early voting location well before the 7:30AM opening time this morning to avoid standing in any lines!  We breezed in and out with no problems.  T was so excited to vote for the first time in her life!  I have to say I was very happy and proud to see my kid come of age to vote – and what a phenomenal and memorable election for her to participate in.  I wanted to snap some pictured but it felt weird to do that, plus the voting officials seemed kinda no nonsense – so, I didn't pull out the camera.

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Stylin and Profilin

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure… check!

  • I was up at 0'Dark Thirty (Translation – 5:00 AM) yesterday morning to participate in my first Susan G Komen Race for the Cure.  We were part of the Gilda's Club of North Texas team.  I have posted about Gilda's in the past, however I just can't say enough nice things about this organization!  They have helped me tremendously with the support and wellness group sessions I've been attending on Tuesdays nights since June.  In support of Gilda's Club – Cancer Treament Centers of America (CTCA) sponsored all Gilda's Club member's entry fee for the race.  We had a dinner Friday night (sponsored by CTCA) where we picked up our race packets which included t-shirts and your race number.  Since I am a survivor I received an additional pink "I am a Survivor" shirt and cap along with a white Race for the cure shirt and Gilda's shirt.  We also received transportation instructions.  The bus departed for the race location at 6:30 AM.
  • There was a 1K walk run and a 5K race.  There was NO WAY I would subject myself to a 5K anything :)  I was actually worried about how I would fair in the 1K.  Last time I tried to walk I fell down!  Remember that????  Not a good look.  Anyway… The 1K seemed really short.  C and I followed everyone else, but before you knew it we were in the area where the vendors give away the free stuff!  She seems to think we didn't follow the right path…. Oh well, I wasn't complaining.  That was just enough walking for me.  I wanted to load up my bag with the free stuff anyway 🙂
  • We shopped the vendor booths and I came away with a lot of cool items!  One of my favorites was from Ford – a beautiful "Warriors In Pink" scarf.

  • There was a tent for Survivors where the survivors could enter and bring one guest.  There where special items that they handed out and breakfast.  It was pretty cool.  I was amazed at the number of woman that have battled this disease.  They had the number of years they have been a survivor embossed on their caps in silver.  I saw some 14, 16 and more years on a lot of caps.  They didn't do it for months, so unfortunately my cap was blank since I just have 7 months under my belt.

  • The announcement was made for the start of the Survivor's Parade.  I deliberated with myself and C on if I wanted to participate.  Some of it was out of sheer laziness, the other was because I haven't completely wrapped by brain around being a survivor yet I think.  Don't know why really, because I know that I am.  Perhaps it the newness of all of this still.
  • That's me chatting it up with Leslie, the lady with the sunglasses on her head.  She goes to Gilda's club too – although we are not in the same Wellness group.  Leslie is 34 years old and found she had breast cancer when she was nursing her newborn and noticed a lump.  She is super cool!
  • I was at the very end of the parade in the "Under 1 Year" group as the order was arranged by number of years of survivorship.  My goal is get to the head of the pack!
  • The survivor's parade was actually very emotional – people on the sides where clapping, whistling and as I looked around the crowds many were crying.  Leslie and I ended up walk by each other, she and I both said we were trying not to look at people so that we wouldn't start crying.  That's me waving in a very peculiar manner lol.
  • Overall it was a phenomenal experience!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was wonderful to see so many folks coming out to show support in finding a cure for such a horrendous disease.  Its very encouraging!

Other Ramblins…..

  • The rose sender identified themself.  I'm so happy they did, so that I could personally thank them.  They certainly brighten my first week of Radiation.
  • Speaking of Radiation.  I must say it totally sucks!  Well, the treatment itself – if easy, simple and painless.  What sucks is going there every day and having to wait because they are off schedule.  I was told it would be a 30 minute process from start to finish – that ain't happened!
  • I think that's the height of my recent excitement.  The remainder of today will be spent simply relaxing.
  • The annual Gilda's Club fundraiser was this week at the Intercontinental Hotel.  I was asked to share my story in a taping that would be shown at the fundraiser a few months ago.  Typically members are not invited to this event, but, because I appeared in the video "Beyond the Red Doors" I was extended an invite as a special guest.  I talked about the taping on this post.  Lunch was provided and it was awesome!  I looked pretty good in the video too, if I must say so myself :)  Although they only used about 3 or 4 minutes of my footage, it was cool.  Only folks with deep pockets get invited to the annual fundraiser.  At the end, they asked for the donations I was shocked at the levels for contribution – 1K every year for 5 years, 5K every year for 5 years, 20K every year for 5 years.  I saw many checkbooks pop out and people writing checks.  Money well spent!  Gilda's is so awesome!  The support they provide to people living with cancer and their family and friends is remarkable.  Member's receive all these benefits for free, so it makes it affordable for everyone in the community. 
  • Enjoy your weekend!

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Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

I received this beautiful bouquet of pink roses today!  the card reads:

In your honor.. Enjoy this gift
From Me to You!!!"

A very nice Lenox breast cancer heart with awareness ribbon pendant accompanied the roses!  I took the picture with my iphone so the pendant is not really clear.

If you sent these to me, thank you so much!  And, please let me know so that I can thank you personally. 

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