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Townhouse Updates…

Went to check on progress today.  Things are coming along nicely!  The walls are up and they are preparing to brick the building.

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Christmas in Pictures

Loves This Song!

Keyshia is looking good in this video.  In the words of her crazy ass mother…… "man down!"

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Duct Tape May Have Been A Better Option…

and definitely a cheaper one….  this sleeve is making my arm ITCH like crazy!  I equate it to a arm or leg itching with a cast on it…. and needing to take a clothes hanger and stick it down in the cast to scratch.

Good thing is, I CAN take it off :)  Arm might blow up like Popeye the sailor man's arm – but, I can take it off nonetheless.

I think I'm going to order a more fashion forward sleeve from LympheDIVAs.  If I must were this mess, it has to a least be cute!

In other news…..  I'm was off today and am off tomorrow and all of next week!!!  I really enjoyed not having to deal with work stuff today.  I did submit my vacation request for the entire year of 2009.  We have to do it all at one time and first come first get – so the sooner the better.  Me and my boss are tight… so I suspect she will approve all 160 hours I submitted.  She better considering I worked like a Hebrew slave for my company, and this year I even worked through cancer and only took off five days after having surgery.

She makes the sleeve seem sexy *tongue in cheek*

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Duct Tape Not Required

Just got back from the hospital's Outpatient Rehab for the first visit to evaluation the Lymphedema in my right arm and hand as I spoke about here.  Good things is that it is considered Stage 1 and is a extremely mild case.

When I told my Oncologist that I would be getting on a plane she wanted to hurry and get me scheduled to start the therapy and get measured for a compression sleeve.  The lack of stabilized cabin pressure in an airplane can cause my arm to swell tremendously because of the lack of lymph nodes under my arm.  I was going to Cabo with or without a sleeve even if I had to wrap my arm in duct tape lol!

Luckily the representative that has the compression garments was onsite when I was there, so I was able to be fitted today.  The evaluation took way to long due to the Therapist's computer illiteracy problems and unnecessary line of questions about my personal life.  I actually think she was gay.  When the woman with the compression sleeve was going over it the Therapist showed her the swelling across the top of my hand but then she continue to stroke my hand.  I looked at her and she stopped – how weird is that?

I didn't know the sleeve was going to come with all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyhoo, I got one for my arm thats beige in color – don't like it.  For my hand she had one that matched my skin tone a little better.  I have to wear them during the day and can remove them at night.  They really are not a good look!  I will be searching the internet for better looking ones.  And can you believe these ugly ass things cost me $135.00!  Apparently, most insurance companies don't cover them.  I have 3 weeks of therapy scheduled (2 times weekly) starting after Christimas.

Cabo here I come, ugly sleeve and all!!


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Townhouse Updates…

My townhouse aka "Foxy" (yes, there is a meaning behind her name.  Has to do with the street she is on) is making mega progress!  I've been visiting her regularly checking on how she is coming along.  I had a pre-dry wall meeting with the builder Thursday morning.  We walked the entire house and he explained all her "guts" :)  She is on schedule, actually a little ahead of schedule for completion this Spring.  We reviewed the upgrades I selected for her before they start ordering everything.  Only thing that was not accounted for was a glass door I wanted for an upper bedroom that will be my office.  He also noticed that the outlets in the closet on the 2nd floor that will store my audio/visual equipment was too low, so it will be raised up a bit.

The green color that is on the base of the wood in the framing is actually a pesticide.  "If" any insects were to to get into the walls and started chewing he said they wouldn't like the taste of the wood and leave!  How awesome is that!

The HVAC wiring and installation was completed this past week.  The insulation and drywall are coming up this weekend – so I drove out to get some pictures.   Bricking should start shortly, following the completion of the building next to Foxy.   Seems the construction crew continues to leave their garbage :)  I told "C" Foxy don't eat, drink or smoke!  And apparently they think she likes Mexican food 🙂 that plate was full of peppers and the remains of some kind of taco.


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Good News!

Had an appointment with my Oncologist bright and early this morning.  I was a bit apprehensive since I knew she would be discussing the results of several test and scans I had last week.  The main one being a PET scan.  This test is important in determining cancer cells within the body.  In my case, she basically had me do one to see if all my treatment worked – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and if there had been any spread of the disease.

Because cancer had spread from my breast to two lymph nodes under my right arm I have/had a higher probability for metastasis.  Knowing that – I was nervous to get the results.  She came into the room all smiles and immediately began to read my report.  Then I heard her say "no signs of metastatic breast cancer"  That means – no traces of cancer remain in my body – the treatment worked!!!

Pardon me while I do the "happy dance!"

I do have two issues that need to be investigated and treated – one is a couple of nodules on my thyroid.  Dr. M isn't worried about it,  just wants me to have a Specialist check it out.
The other is a mild case of Lymphedema in my right arm.  This is due to the 18 lymph nodes removed from my armpit area.   She is going to have me do some therapy for that and get fitted for a compression sleeve.

Ya know, things could have been a LOT worse!  I can "deal" with these issues which I consider minor in comparison to what it could have been.  I'm happy to NOT have cancer!  I'm blessed! 

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