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Life updates in bullets…

  • Had surgery two weeks ago…. something that I had to put on the back burner while I battled cancer last year (I won by the way!)  Anyhoo, I'm back to normal activities – lost some weight and quality life improved.
  • I'm employed and blessed.
  • T moved out.  My 1 AM curfew wasn't late enough and I guess she was tired of following my rules. Whateves, when you grown its time to move on.  House feels odd though… like too big.  I will deal.  Just wish she she would stop asking me for money. 
  • Got a new car, although my Mercedes was an 08 and I didn't need one.  Go the new Jaguar XF.  I really love it! The designer designed the Aston Martin.. so it looks like one LOL.  Had to order a white one.  It came in when I was recovering from surgery and couldn't drive for 2 weeks – yesterday was the first day I got to drive it.
  • Been following a lot of local jazz bands…. going to performances and such…. that's my new thing now.
  • If you on twitter.. hit me up.  I'm "hopluv" there too.
  • About to start planning my Xmas vacay.  I think I'm going solo this year….unless you want to go with me :).

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