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“That’s Not Hip-Hop, That’s Flip Flop”

That's the message being advertised on billboards around the southern sectors of Dallas, TX.   The billboard campaign got underway this week here in Dallas.  The message, put simply – PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS!.   The Dallas City Council, Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway along with Rapper Dooney "Da Priest" hope that the Anti-Sagging pants billboards will help curtail (pun intended) all the asses sticking up out of the back of young men's pants.  I think  "saggin" is most prevalent in the African American community, however I've also seen Caucasian, Hispanics and Asian boys and young men doing what I have termed as "waddling" (walking like a duck, in effort to keep your pants from falling completely down) in the malls and elsewhere around Dallas with their pants damn near starting under their butt!  This practice of saggin has also been adopted by the skateboard community – not cute on them either.

The "Pullem' Up!" Campaign has three main slogans:

"Don't Be Lame Elevate Your Game"

"Represent Yourself Like You Present Yourself"

That's Not Hip-Hop That's Flip Flop"

I understand what the Hip-Hop culture is about and can appreciate it.  I actually enjoy some Hip-Hop artist's music.  I consider myself to be an open minded Generation Xer – but this mess is ridiculous and offensive to me.  But why were the billboards just put up on the south side of town? 

I say plaster these babies up every where.  They need to go up in suburbia where the middle class and rich white kids "sag" in their glorification of the Hip-Hop culture too.  This is not strictly a "black thing"

I wonder if the young men wearing their pants in this manner understand what has been said to be the origin of "saggin?" 

Somebody needs to fill them in that sagging stems from being in the prison population.  It was a way of letting the the other inmates know you were available for sex. Yeah, man-on-man, gay sex.   Now that might not be so appealing to some.   Whatever the case, true or not please educate yourselves.  This is NOT a good look people!!!

Not just in Dallas, other cities around the country are also trying to stop this inappropriate behavior.  Some have even been successful in passing ordinances that will allow them to issue tickets to saggers. 

For right now Dallas is hoping the billboards will be enough….doubt it, but this is a great start!

What are your thoughts?  Do you find sagging pants offensive?  Do you think the Pullem' Up! campaign will help or is just a waste of time?

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Sexy Designs

These sexy beast are by Designer Sebastian Gronemeyer – inspired by orchid leaves. They would fit perfectly in my "white room." Or to compliment my brown and white Menlo Park (in the pic below).

According to his website, the chairs are going into production sometime in 2008. 

Designer: Sebastian Gronemeyer

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QotD: This One Goes To 11

What's the best music documentary or concert film you've seen?

I missed this one! 

I really enjoyed the unique concept of Music in High Places Craig David Live in Costa Rica.  It was done back in 2005. 

More from

Music in High Places is the ultimate international adventure series that takes top recording artists to the most ancient sites on Earth. Each expedition whisks music's biggest artists to the four corners of the globe and features exciting acoustic performances set against the backdrop of Earth's most intriguing natural locations. Seeing pictures of ethereal and mysterious rain forests convinced Craig David that Costa Rica was the place for his Music in High Places episode. His interest was in not just the diverse environment but also, after a grueling international tour, a place to unwind with a bit of adventure.

Track Listing:
Fill Me In
Can't Be Messing Around
Walking Away
Follow Me
Booty Man
Seven Days

Craig David has a phenomenal voice.  I've alway enjoyed what he had to offer.  And isn't he the cutest?

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QotD: World Series 2007

What are your predictions for the World Series?

I predict I won't give a sh*t.

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Sexy Designs

Move Over iPhone, Hello gPhone!


I was reading on PCWorld that the "Gooster" has developed a prototype cell phone and is shopping around prototypes to cell phone manufacturers.  They would offer consumers free subscriptions by bundling advertisements with their search engine, e-mail and Web browser software applications.

I'm down!

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My Favorite Doctors Are Back!