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Lights, Camera……… a &%@$# Traffic Violation!

Well, I'm angry with myself.  I'm a creature of habit… and I've been driving the same way for many years!  I don't drive much during the week because I have no commute – I work from home.  On the weekends, I probably drive about 50% of the time because C drives part of the time.

I've gotten two tickets in less than a week!  TWO TICKETS! I haven't paid much attention to cameras mounted on traffic lights…. I just haven't noticed.  My method of driving, wrong or right when I see a yellow light I speed up.  I definitely need to stop that, but old habits are hard to break.

1st Offense:
  Last Friday night T and I on our way home from shopping – I stopped to pick up some burgers – light changed to yellow, I sped up and I saw it turn red as I went under and flash, flash – I asked T what the hell was that.  She said she thought it was a camera flashing and I probably got a ticket for running the red light.

2nd Offense:  Thursday night, out buying art supplies for T.  Same scenario, yellow light – silly me sped up light turned red as I went under and flash, flash – I ask T what the hell was that. She said, "Momma, you got another ticket!"

Humph, I need to leave my car in the garage!

The tickets should show up in the mail, and will cost me $75.00 each.  Good thing is, no points against my license or insurance.  Apparently, The City of Dallas has a program that was implemented in 2006 to curb the amount of red light running called "SafeLight Dallas Stops on Red".  Good program…costly though!  1.2.3. red light…….Ain’t no better
lesson than a bought one!

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Open Letter To Jameka…

This is going to sound gay.. well, because it is!  I would love to make you my wife!  I had hopes that you would win Big Brother 8 – but, I know that it won't happen because let's face it…. YOU HAVE NO GAME PLAYING SKILLS. Besides that you do possess a lot of wonderful qualities that I look for in a women.  You are very attractive, oh and your body is off the hinges (please wear a swimsuit more frequently), you are intelligent*  (but please refrain from the usage of so many non words, like uuuuuummmm hhhhmmm uh huuuuh, it makes you come across as not so smart).  I love how you keep your appearance up – you look good in all your clothes and your hair is always nice.  You are a spiritual person, which I can appreciate – I just don't think it belongs in the game so much.  Anyhoo, good luck in the house!  I suspect you will be leaving in the very near future as they are only keeping you there because you can't win HOH (Head of Household).  Don't trust Amber – she will probably be gone on Thursday anyway though!

I watch you every night for 3 straight hours (11 pm – 2 am) on After Dark on Showtime when I should be sleeping.  Take Care cutie!!!

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Playin With Myself….

I mean PhotoBooth.




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QotD: Have, Need, Want

What do you have, what do you need and what do you want?
Submitted by Miss Scotch.


  • Basics – food, clothes and a roof
  • A wonderful daughter
  • A good job that allows me to work remotely
  • A new job I was extended an offer for on Friday that will also allows me to work remotely
  • A nice automobile


  • Some food in my belly
  • A lap dance
  • Some good hot sex


  • Some fried oysters
  • A home overseas to live in part of the year – Europe or the Caribbean
  • A lap dance
  • Some good hot sex
  • The new iMac *which I will get this fall when they start shipping with the new OS*
  • A Transatlantic cruise
  • Something new from Tiffany & Co

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QotD: How To Build A Trip

What are your favorite websites and resources for travel planning?

I've used Travelocity for a few years.  I alway seem to find the best priced packages with them.  I've screwed up my trip planning a few times – made myself have to change airports during a lay over once in Paris and London, but that was "my bad."

They could have warned me though πŸ™‚

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Vox Hunt: My Favorite Coffee Shop

Show us your favorite coffee shop. 
Submitted by Jane

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QotD: What My Name Means

What does your name mean and why did your parents choose it for you? 
Submitted by mommy2two.

Believe it or not my mother read the Dictionary.  She stumbled across my name and thought it would it be perfect for me!  The name is unique, but gave me problems as a child.  I hated the first day of school, because I dreaded roll call.  One thing about the name is that people always remember me :)  Or, that could be due to my winning smile……

More on the meaning of my name:

Both the common name and botanical name of a plant genus belonging to the Oleaceae (Olive family). It is comprises six species of deciduous shrubs to 3-6 m tall, mostly native to Asia, but one native to southeastern Europe.

The leaves are opposite, usually simple but sometimes trifoliate with a basal pair of small leaflets, and range from 4-12 cm long; the margin is serrated. The flowers are produced in the early spring before the leaves, bright yellow with four petals. The fruit is a dry capsule, containing several winged seeds.

Popular early spring flowering shrubs in gardens and parks. Two are commonly cultivated for ornament, They are grown and prized for being tough, reliable garden plants. More commonly grown, is smaller, has an upright habit, and produces strongly colored flowers.

Sometimes planted in the median strips of divided highways to block headlamp glare and to beautify the highways while in bloom. The plant requires little attention and can grow to sizable proportions capable of stopping small vehicles which run off the road.

I bolded some of my attributes πŸ™‚

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