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  • I'm noticing that people in my neighborhood are not posting that much anymore.  I really like Vox, but I have to admit it isn't as exciting as it use to be – not sure exactly why.  I haven't been real motivated to post here either – not sure exactly why.  I do read the posts here on Vox, but also read a lot of blogs in my Bloglines.  I no longer have a personal blog, perhaps I should turn it back "on".
  • It has been 100 degree temps here all week!  Chemo, the sun and heat don't mix well – so my ass has almost been on lock down until the afternoon and evenings.
  • Finally, McCain has realized what we already know, Barack Obama is a rock star!  And oh by the way McCain, yes he can lead! Anybody else see the campaign ad?
  • I sat through 30 hours last week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to complete a class for required education hours for the renewal of my real estate licenses.  Boy was it gruesome!  The class (The Art of Negotiation) itself was not so bad as I actually learned quite a bit.  It was just the sitting there for all those hours each day that was tough! Saturday night (actually before day), I starting getting sick and prayed I would feel better to return on Sunday, which I was able to.  I missed 2 out of 60 on the final exam!  One was because I read the darn question wrong.  The other the instructor said everyone was missing it, so she thinks she didn't cover it well.
  • I am so not looking forward to "poison day" next week – also known as chemotherapy.  The days prior to treatment I begin to get anxious so this has become a normal thing.  As much as I dreaded the process, I have realized a few perks from chemo:
    • No need for a Brazilian or full body wax, since I'm virtually hair less.
    • Don't have to brush my hair
    • Weight loss – since 7/18 I've lost about 13 lbs.
    • No periods – hoping it stays away for good 🙂
    • Eating healthier, less butter more olive oil
    • One of the side effects I don't like is the change in my nails….. peep this!

I'm holding one of my perfume bottles since I'm right handed and this is my right hand and I had to take the picture with my left hand. The discoloration (purple-ish) is most prominent on the thumb nails, but its now showing up on the other nails.

  • Another is actually the way my taste buds have been affected.  Anyone that knows me knows I really enjoy food.  Now, eating has become a chore vs. something I always looked forward to doing.  I like highly seasoned food, so eating has become a challenge because nothing tastes seasoned.  That fact coupled with the loss of appetite is the cause for the weight loss.
  • We are psyched!  SCAD (Savannah College of Art Design) is said to be opening a campus here – downtown Dallas.  For me that means, no out of state fees or room and board fees for T when she transfers there next year. The final decision should be within 30 to 60 days.
  • Speaking of T she has an interview today for a Receptionist job at a Law Firm. I'm happy because she is under paid at Hollister and hasn't been getting many hours lately.  Good luck baby girl!
  • Speaking of T again, she does need a better paying job so she can pay toward her car insurance and maintenance.  I had her Land Rover serviced yesterday, it was preventative maintenance.  It was inspected and other than needing a little freon for the AC the mechanic said it was in excellent shape!  I did have several items replaced, flushed and serviced to ensure it continues to drive well and remain in good shape – set me back $900.00.  Yea, she needs to contribute to the cause – which is vehicle ownership.
  • Been doing a little decorating (and I do mean little) with some new accessories for each of my living room spaces.  For what I call the "white room" I changed the accent color to like a lime green.  Green and white pillows were added to the two white leather sofas in the room and also added some gorgeous ceramic vases, both white and green on my coffee table.  In the room I call my "brown room"  I got new shades and also for the kitchen sliding doors.  In the picture you can't tell, because the pic is dark and looks like crap but the shade is a chocolate brown which blends nicely with the brown leather sectional.  The shade filters the light and adds the privacy that I didn't have before.

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Vox Hunt Round Up: Key Note

Show us your key chain. How many keys are on there?
Submitted by Strive2Be.

I took this earlier while sitting in a class "The Art of Negotiation" all day today 8:00 AM – 6:30.  And I have to go Saturday and Sunday too!  You see what I was doing 🙂


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QotD Round Up: But Dorothy Got to Bring Her Whole House!

There is a natural disaster headed your way. You get 4 standard sized canvas grocery totes to fill with valuables and provisions to bring with you to a safe place. What would you put into your 4 bags and why?
Submitted by dejablu503.

Grocery tote 1:

All of T's and my family's pictures.

All my and T's import documentation (diplomas, birth certificates etc.)






Grocery tote 2:


Change of clothes


First Aid Kit

Grocery tote 3:





Grocery tote 4:


Can snacks – vienna sausages, potted meat etc.

Beef Jerky


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QotD Round Up: Gold Medal Winner

In honor of the upcoming Olympics, what could you win a gold medal in?
Submitted by TheFiercestCalm.

Most hours watching Reality TV.

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QotD Round Up: Looking Back…

What part of your childhood do you miss the most?
Submitted by Maretta.

Coloring with my dad.  We always stayed in the lines.

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QotD Round Up: I Never Should Have Asked…

What question do you wish you'd never asked.
Submitted by cha0tic.

Want some?

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QotD Round Up: What, no horses?

I am a farmer who raise ducks and cows. The animals have a total of 9 heads and 26 feet. How many ducks and cows do I have?
Submitted by The BlueTie.

ummmm, dunno, don't care!

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