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The Last Stand Dallas Premiere

Last night I went to the the premiere of The Last Stand the new film written and directed by Russ Parr.  My brother received a private invitation and asked me an C to join him!  We were all very excited about going,  I had seen the trailer for the movie and it looked promising.  And the thought of free food and drinks was a definite plus! 

The event drew a couple of celebrities…. 
Russ Parr
Irma P. Hall
Dick Gregory
Ricky Smiley

Although the food sucked and there were no alcholic beverage we had a great time!!!  Here a few pictures I snapped last night,

Oh, the movie was wonderful!

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My favorite Amy Winehouse has a video!

I like the video… couple of thoughts/comments though:

  • What kinda neighboorhood or street is that? Looks like a damn "freak show"
  • Did you see the pimp in the red shirt and the hoe with him 🙂
  • Did you see the big black cross-dressers?
  • Why did so many folks bump into her as she walked down the street?  I would of had to swing on a couple of em!

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It’s Back!

Just when I had taken a vow to lay off soda for awhile and drink juices…they brought this shit back:

It was gone for a year and a half.  I loved it, and was really disappointed when they stopped putting it in the grocery store due to poor demand.  When I saw a billboard last week announcing the returned I was so excited!  T and I gave each other a high 5 in the car 🙂 I bought a 12 Pack earlier today and have been tossin em back since I got home.  I need to be careful before I OD on them.  I must be getting old, cause the simplest things in life make me extremely happy!

Great straight or mixed with Rum!

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Fill her up!…. In Tehran?

Gas is only .33 a gallon in Tehran.

Not sure how current this is.  Right now gas is about $3.00 per gallon in Dallas, TX. Enjoy the visual map of worldwide prices!

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Vox Hunt: A Minor Indulgence

Show us a minor indulgence.
Submitted by Elisheva Chana.

Most things Puma!  I have these 🙂

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QotD: Do Not Want (To Eat)

What do you absolutely refuse to eat?

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Hop’s Vacay Getting Closer!

Just one week to go and I will be in paradise!  My new swimsuits arrived today.  Unfortunately, they were all too large so I had to return them this afternoon.  If I don't find replacements soon, I will have to walk around on the beach buckin-ass-nekid!!! I don't want to scare the locals :) 

The resort should be very nice… 9 restaurants, spa, 3 pools, activities and of course the beautiful beach!

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