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New additions… and other ramblins

We have added two new additions to the family!  I rescued an Italian Greyhound a little bit over a week ago.  We are calling him Bellini.

He is a total lap dog, must be held all the time.  We love him!

The other new addition is of the automotive type….  We got a Smart Car!!!!!!!  I have been wanting one since seeing them during a vacation to Rome, Italy in 2006.  So when they announced they would be coming to the US back in 2007 – I reserved one immediately.  Post about it here and here when mine arrived in August 08 the timing wasn't right to buy it as I was preparing my finances to purchase a home….. which ended up being Foxy (loves her!), so I told them to go ahead and sell to the next customer on the waiting list.

Well, I took T's car in for an oil change and was told her Land Rover needed a major break overhaul.  EVERYTHING for a Land Rover is expensive!  EVERYTHING!!  A freakin light bulb cost $40.00 to replace – no, I'm not joking!  It was cheaper to just buy a damn new car than replace the brakes LMAO!  Beside the fact its an SUV and she spends a lot of money on gas between two jobs and school.   So, we decided to go with a new car for her.   Picked it up last Monday.  It gets 45 mpg and LOTs of attention, which she loves 🙂

Since they are made by Mercedes the dealerships are together – makes it convenient to get both our cars serviced at the same time – except her car only needs an oil change once a year!  Can't say that about my Mercedes Benz *tongue in cheek* ….

Here it is:

Black leather heat seats, panoramic roof, ipod integration and cute as a button!


  • Completed my final Herceptin treatment on 6/5.  Done with ALL breast cancer treatment!  Back to life.
  • Started a oil painting class last Thursday.  Something I have always wanted to do.  I can sketch and use to be really good :)  put painting was a discipline I never learned but always wanted to.  I've been wanting contemporary/modern pieces for the house and haven't really been able to find what I want, or if I do the price is the cost of a small island.  So, I figured I would learn how to create my own works of art.
  • Its hot as HELL in Dallas, TX on this day in the year 2009.

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In The Cocktail Lounge: 3rd Chemo Treatment Completed

Voluntary poisoning at it's finest.

Me on my work laptop (not working) maxin and relaxin in the Chemo Lounge:

  • I've reached the middle ground, 3 of the 6 treatments completed today!
  • 3 weeks following the 6th treatment I start radiation therapy – everyday for 6 weeks.  Blahs!
  • Met with Dr. M., my Oncologist before chemo today.   She said my CBC (Complete Blood Count) looked great and my limited number of side effects was very positive!  At this point with the exception of increasing fatigue, I shouldn't experience any new side effects.
  • My blood pressure has been increasingly high, something she is very concern with.  I have had a problem with high blood pressure before the Breast Cancer diagnosis and at one point was on medication.  She said we have to get it under control quick fast and in a hurry!
  • C, T and my brother came to treatment with me today, thanks family!
  • I will try hard to have an enjoyable weekend, before the after effects of treatment kick in around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.
  • Next chemotherapy treatment August 8th, yeah-boo-hiss!

Other non-cancer related ramblins…

  • The "Air" is doing great, still loving it!  The Steve Sleeve showed up, I don't like it as much as I thought I would.  Definitely not worth the 50 clams I paid for it.  Probably will be replaced PDQ (pretty, damn, quick).
  • T got all four wisdom teeth removed on Monday.  Monday was the toughest due to all the bleeding, she had a lot of soreness but experience no pain – mainly because I kept her loaded up on the pain meds they prescribed – Vicodin. She has a little swelling looking rather "chipmunkish."  She insisted upon going with me to treatment today even though I suspected she didn't feel totally up to it – which she confirmed this evening.  The worst of it is over and overall I think she feels pretty good.  It was actually kind of weird, I enjoyed babying my 19 year old daughter the last few days!  It made me feel good 🙂
  • T told me today she plans to take real estate classes early next year and then take the licensing exam to become a Realtor.  The plan is to partner with me to sell homes next summer.  How cool is that?!  I've had my license since 2003 – although I have a full time job I like to sell homes on the side! 
  • I had doubts, but I'm really enjoying the Wendy Williams Show!  How yooooou doooin? The show debuted on Monday of this week, for a 6 week run in a few selected markets – New York, Detriot, Dallas and Los Angeles.
  • Went to Urban Taco for dinner tonight following my brother's recommendation.  Didn't like it!  Everything was blan and I felt it was overpriced too.  $9.25 for 3 tiny tacos, don't think so.  I called him afterward and told him, I didn't care for it.  This place puts them to shame – Tin Star.  The tacos at Tin Star are flavorful and much larger and much cheaper!
  • The local Smart Car dealer called me this afternoon to tell my triple black Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe will be here Aug 14th!  She wanted to know if I was still interested in it.  Of course I am!  I reserved this car back May 2007, so its been a long wait.  It will be a second car for me as I purchased a new car the end of May this year – AKA "Benzie" which I really love! The Smart Car is something cute, fun and gas efficient to possibly add to the household.

    Here are the specs:

fortwo passion coupe, 1.0 L, 70 HP, 3 cylinder engine


Base price

$ 13,590.00


body panels in deep black



tridion safety cell, black



Black leather seats



Standard equipment



1.0 L, 70 HP, 3 cylinder engine


5 speed automated manual transmission


Paddle shifters




9-spokes alloy wheels (15") with front tires: 155/60 R15; rear tires 175/55 R15


Tire pressure control system




body panels in deep black


Panorama roof (sun screen included)


Projector beam halogen headlights


Side indicators in yellow


Exterior mirror cap in tridion color




3-spoke leather sports steering wheel with steering wheel shift paddles (incl. leather gear knob)


Basic seat with weight detection and seatbelt recognition


Flat folding passenger seat with backrest adjustment


Storage areas beside the steering wheel and in both doors


Coin holder


Dome light


Mirror in passenger sun visor




Lockable glove compartment




smart radio (AM/FM, single CD; incl. 2 speakers, Aux input jack for MP3 device)




Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system


Tire repair kit


Top Tether for child restraint system


Panic button on key


esp – electronic stability program with hill start assist


Anti-lock braking system (abs) with electronic brake force distribution


Full-size driver and passenger airbags


Head/Thorax-Side Airbags


Integral safety seats


Seat belts with belt tensioner and belt-force limiter


Drive lock – auto-activation of the central locking when driving


Functional/electrical equipment


Air conditioning with automatic temperature control (incl. dust, pollen filter)


Power windows with one-touch lowering function


Electronic and heated side mirrors


Central locking system with remote control


Instrument cluster with multifunctional display (fuel-level indicator, coolant-level indicator, residual fuel indicator, service interval indicator, trip mileage indicator, clock)


Outside temperature indicator


Indicators with lane changer function


Front windshield wiper with speed-dependent interval wiping and wiper-/wash function


Intermittent rear windshield wiper with wiper-/wash function


Electric rear window defroster


Electric tailgate release


Locking gas cap


12-volt socket, with cover


Special equipment

Comfort Package – includes the following features

$ 850.00


Black leather seats


Heated seats


Electric power steering (eps)


Rain sensing windshield wipers


Light sensor (autolight)


Auto-off headlamps with exit delay


Total price[*]:

$ 14,440.00

I will probably go test drive one next week.  If I don't simply love it, I will leave it!

  • Nuff said, enjoy your weekend!

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Smart Car: I reserved mine tonight!

I love these cars.  After travels to Europe I said if these ever came to the US I would get me one.  Well, they will be here in 2008.  I want to make sure I get one, so I paid the $99 fee to reserve mine.

My reservation information:

Preferred Model: PASSION – starting under $14,000*
Preferred Exterior Color Preference: Deep Black,
Passion Only – Interior Color: Black Leather +
Preferred Tridion Safety Cell Color: Black


The one I reserved is totally black – unlike the the one with the silver Tridion Safety Cell above.  And did I mention it gets 40 miles to the gallon?  I can hardly wait!!!

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