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Memorial Day Holiday 2009

  • I'm still celebrating Memorial Day!  In the home of the rat/rat town AKA Orlando, FL.  One of my favorite places to satisfy my Mickey collecting addiction.  T and I got in from the Bahamas via Port Canaveral yesterday morning after cruising since last Sunday.  We had a phenomenal time on the cruise.  It was our first time cruising, so didn't really know what to expect – it exceeded our expectations!
  • Visited Freeport and Nassau – Freeport was nice, however not a lot going on.  Nassau on the other hand, was fabulous.  The people of the Bahamas are extremely friendly and hospitable.   We had conch fritters – yum!
  • We did an excursion in Nassau where you go through trails and paths on a Segway, talking about a fun time!!! I initially thought I was going to have issues and was intimidated when I got my lesson before we started by the instructor because I couldn't get the balance thing down – but, after rolling around on the practice track for awhile I got the hang of it.  We were on them for two hours and by the end I was riding with no hands!  Our Segway excursion mates,  were two Carnival Cruise Line employees – She(from Serbia) was a information officer and he (from London) was one of the entertainment emcee – we had a blast with them!
  • I've taken over 400 photos so far and we have 2 more days until we return home.  Some highlights:

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