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New additions… and other ramblins

We have added two new additions to the family!  I rescued an Italian Greyhound a little bit over a week ago.  We are calling him Bellini.

He is a total lap dog, must be held all the time.  We love him!

The other new addition is of the automotive type….  We got a Smart Car!!!!!!!  I have been wanting one since seeing them during a vacation to Rome, Italy in 2006.  So when they announced they would be coming to the US back in 2007 – I reserved one immediately.  Post about it here and here when mine arrived in August 08 the timing wasn't right to buy it as I was preparing my finances to purchase a home….. which ended up being Foxy (loves her!), so I told them to go ahead and sell to the next customer on the waiting list.

Well, I took T's car in for an oil change and was told her Land Rover needed a major break overhaul.  EVERYTHING for a Land Rover is expensive!  EVERYTHING!!  A freakin light bulb cost $40.00 to replace – no, I'm not joking!  It was cheaper to just buy a damn new car than replace the brakes LMAO!  Beside the fact its an SUV and she spends a lot of money on gas between two jobs and school.   So, we decided to go with a new car for her.   Picked it up last Monday.  It gets 45 mpg and LOTs of attention, which she loves 🙂

Since they are made by Mercedes the dealerships are together – makes it convenient to get both our cars serviced at the same time – except her car only needs an oil change once a year!  Can't say that about my Mercedes Benz *tongue in cheek* ….

Here it is:

Black leather heat seats, panoramic roof, ipod integration and cute as a button!


  • Completed my final Herceptin treatment on 6/5.  Done with ALL breast cancer treatment!  Back to life.
  • Started a oil painting class last Thursday.  Something I have always wanted to do.  I can sketch and use to be really good :)  put painting was a discipline I never learned but always wanted to.  I've been wanting contemporary/modern pieces for the house and haven't really been able to find what I want, or if I do the price is the cost of a small island.  So, I figured I would learn how to create my own works of art.
  • Its hot as HELL in Dallas, TX on this day in the year 2009.

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