Here and There’s…

  • Happy Easter everyone!  It's been some time since I did a regular post.  I've lost the motivation to post here, there and everywhere!  Coupled with, the recent move into the new house and the demands of work… the thrill to post has left the building.
  • Speaking of the new house!  LOVES IT!  I've been in "Foxy" for about a month and half, I ended up closing on birthday on Mar 2nd.  What a gift to myself right?  Getting 30 years in debt lol.  Whateves!  I am SO BLESSED to be in a position to buy a home in this economy.  T and I are settling in nicely.  I figured out pretty much how all the systems work, with the exception of HVAC – still tinkering with those settings to find a comfortable temperature for each floor.  It took Time Warner Cable about five visits to stabilize the internet *sighs* and because its a new house in a new phase of the community it took AT&T two trips, the first visit lasting about six hours to complete the phone installation.
  • Been thinking about getting a new puppy – Mini Schnauzer or Italian Greyhound.  The only turn off is I don't feel like house breaking it!  So, I might go with an older dog that's already trained.  But, they aren't as fun – and they don't have puppy breath 🙂
  • I'm in deep vacation planning mode – for May and July.  I have a week in May and 2 weeks in July.  But, I'm on a serious budget – Foxy cost me a grip!  I'm thinking somewhere in Mexico for the May vacation since I went to Cabo for Christmas and LOVED IT!  Australia is still a heavy contender for July, but its super expensive – so not so sure if we will make it down under.  Any ideas for a cheap international destination?  
  • Ok, I'm going to really start twittering again – I mean it this time!  I installed TweetDeck last week.  I've had Tweeter for awhile, but for some reason I just can't get into it…. not sure why.  If you are on Twitter holla!
  • Oh damn, its raining on my new outdoor furniture!  I think I'm crazy – I know its outdoor furniture and its capable of withstanding the sun, wind and rain.  But I don't like when it gets dust on it or it rains or if the sun shines on it too much.  Yea, crazy as hell right?
  • I want the new Ninetendo DSi – but I can't justify buying one.  I have a DS Lite that I never use.  It only gets utilized when we travel.
  • Healthwise – I'm doing great!  I'm almost done with my Herceptin treatments, afterwhich I can have this freakin port removed.  The visits to my Oncologist are few and far between.  My hair started growing back in January, and surprisingly the texture is TOTALLY different then it was before it came out from chemo.  My hair has always been thick and course aka, nappy (requiring chemical relief), now its fine and curly.  I heard and read that this could happen – people's hair coming back different.  I'm having a hard time accepting this curly, soft hair on my head lol.  Its so odd to me.  I like it, but it is very odd!  
  • What's everyone doing tomorrow for Easter?
  • A couple of new shots of Foxy…

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Foxy Updates

Getting close to the finish line!  Closing next week 🙂

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Latest Girl Crush…


  • Vox is starting to get boring again.  Not a lot of updates, and honestly I'm not real motivated to post here either.  I have another blog that I resurrected the later part of 08, but I don't like trying to maintain two blogs. But, I just might go back to posting there exclusively.
  • Health wise – I'm doing wonderful!  Still taking my Herceptin ever 21 days!  If I didn't have the medi-port and had the need to visit the hospital for the one infusion I would feel 100% normal.  I've been following up on the nodules identified on my thyroid during the PET and CT scans taken during my active breast cancer treatment.  My Oncologist didn't think it was anything and wanted to wait until I finished the course of my treatment.  I actually brought it up as I want to rule out any potential problems read:thyroid cancer.  Had my first appointment with yet another Dr.M this morning.  She was cool, a breast cancer survivor.  She did a sonogram of the nodules on my thyroid and they drew blood to study my thyroid activity.  There will probably be a specialize scan (forgot what she called it) and perhaps a biopsy.  She told me she felt they were benign and that I shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  • Well I have a long "to do" list for this month!!! The builder advised me that my new home will be completed on Feb 26th.  So, one of the things I loathe – packing will have to start soon.  Along with all the other tasks associated with a move.  I'm excited!  But this date actually caused me to cancel my plans to go to San Francisco for my birthday.  Yea, its the exact week.  But well worth it!
  • Speaking of travel, I've decided to go to Australia this summer instead of Greece.  I saw a program on television that featured Melbourne – LOVED IT!
  • Been shopping for contemporary art and few specific pieces.  I think I'm going to be painting a few on my own pieces.  I forgot how expensive art supplies are though – MY GOSH!  I don't know how/why I forgot considering T is a second year art major and I've had to buy her supplies every semester.
  • One of my favorite shows is back!  Nip Tuck!  I think we are about 3 episodes into the new season.  Christian has male breast cancer and of course he has turned it into way to get more sex!  Whore!  Loves it!  Also, I watched RuPaul's new show "Drag Race" OMG!  Some of them are a hott ass mess!  His show should be interesting.
  • Work is work.  I'm blessed.  I have work.
  • Life is good!

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Foxy week ending 1/31…

The weather didn't slow the progress too much last week!

Items completed:

  • hardwood floors installed
  • glass in kitchen cabinets
  • front door and all door hardware
  • driveway and sidewalk poured
  • Vanity glass in all bathrooms
  • towel bars installed
  • sod and shrubs

This week – major item will be carpet installation on Friday.

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My New Favorite Thing…

Is a Cool Blue Raspberry Bubble Tea from Chill Bubble Tea.  The store opened up a couple of months ago in a retail space in C's apartment building.  She told me about how cute it was on the inside when she went to check it out after it opened.  I just got a chance to visit for the first time about 3 weeks ago. 

I tried the Cool Blue Raspberry with bubbles – LOVE AT FIRST SIP!  Delicious!  And so good, I can't get myself to try a different flavor.  But better than that is the modern decor in that place!  LOVES IT!

Taken with the iphone.

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Now This is an Oval Office!

I can see President Obama in here :)  He is stylish like that!

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