I Got A New Puppy!

Puppy requires no food or water, does not pee or poop, no barking, no vet bills and he doesn't need any exercise or attention.  I can even drag him by the collar without the threat of animal cruelty charges.  He's the perfect dog!

I got him a new collar w/matching leash from Ikea.  Isn't he adorable?

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  1. And allergen free? I wonder why Malia and Sasha didn't have that type of dog on their list? :-)As I was sitting in traffic this afternoon, I happened to glance over to the car next to me: A mother driving her two kids to soccer practice. And there, in the back seat, a Portuguese Water Dog. And there I was staring, mesmerized, like half the country, as if these dogs were royalty and I was being granted a special treat just by being in ones presence. I know; I have issues!

  2. HA HA! Yes, allergen free – forgot about that! Ya know I was not familiar with the Portuguese Water Dog breed, before learning about the First Family acquiring one. These dogs are now overnight celebrities and will start popping up in American homes across the country. People will start naming their babies after them LMAO!

  3. woot awesome dog LOL

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