JL Did NOT Disappoint!

John Legend crooned to a full house at Nokia Live last night.  It was my first time at that particular venue, although I have dropped T off a couple of times for concerts with friends.  To my unpleasant surprise I had to pay $15 bucks to park!  After returning from an ATM machine as C and I entered the parking lot there was a signed posted that Estelle, the scheduled opening act for John would not be performing.  Instead it would be Vaughn Anthony – **first thought… who da F*&K is that?!

Anyway, after some well seasoned chicken strips and a overly priced mojito we made our way to the seats.  Vaughn Anthony shortly appeared.  After a few notes, C leaned over said "he trying to sound like John Legend!"  I agreed.  He wasn't bad, but thinking he was biting off John's sound was annoying!  However, his songs started sounding pretty good, before I knew it – I was starting to like him.  I later figured out why…. John Legend is his older brother!  Anthony sings back up for John and is trying to get his career off the ground.  Check him out here!  Thanks for not showing up Estelle… I'm really not that into you anyway!

Well, the rule was no cameras or video allowed so I smuggled in my little Casio.  Come to find out EVERYBODY had cameras!  Wish I could of had my nice Cannon camera.  Due to the lack of zoom,  my pictures look crappy!  I took some video, they are crappy too 🙂 C's camera capture much nicer video which I'm posting. 

He is a little fella in person!  Ooooh his little lips are so cute (close ups thanks to the two jumbo screens).  I'm gay… but this man's cuteness factor is off the hinges!  Undeniable ador-a-bility 🙂

Thanks John!  I enjoyed you!!!!

In this last video at the end of it – the crowd goes crazy! Watch the screen behind John and you will see why 🙂

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  1. Glad you had a good time. I have never understood his appeal, but then, I'm old and dried up and menopausal so that could be what the problem is.

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