For the last time… No, I’m not a Designer!

Ok, my current home is on the market.  It was listed with a Realtor about a week ago – so, she held an Open House last Sunday.  This week there was a tour on Monday by the Realtors for her office and yesterday was the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) tour.

I explained to her that I work from home and will not leave for tours and showings.  She was OK with that, with the exception of the Open House.  It was cool because it was on Sunday from 2-4 and I'm usually gone anyway.  In the last couple of months that is the time frame I'm out at the new house checking on the building progress.

Since the house was listed everyone has been making a huge deal about how I've decorated the home.  I honestly don't get it!  I even said to one of the Realtors that I didn't see the big deal.  She said "because its you!"  Still don't quite get that.

Anyway, during the tours on Monday and Tuesday approximately 30 – 40 people came through to look at the property.  I continued to work at my desk as they looked around.  All the feedback was super positive!  I overheard many people ask the Agent "Does a Interior Designer live here?" "Is she a Designer"  She would tell them no and they would stick their head in the room I was working and say things like, "I love your home!" "You have wonderful taste!"  A few people even thought the home was staged and asked if the furniture came with it.  The Agent said she had to tell them no and that someone lived here.

The new house offers a new decorating challenge that I'm excited about!  I just hope this one doesn't sell before my new home is finished in March.  If so I might have to sleep in a box during the interim.

The compliments are very nice!  And actually made me feel pretty good :)  I just have fun decorating, and love modern decor.   Simple as that!   But a Designer I am not.  Here are a couple of pictures that the agent took,

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  1. Ok several things…– hello! *LoL* I know I've been gone forever! Hope you and T are doing well (will catch up on your posts today)! Hope the New Year has started off with a bang and has brought nothing but good to your life. — you have AMAZING taste. I remember way back when you'd post pics of the stuff you wanted and I totally imagined your place looking EXACTLY the way it does in these present pics. — you may have a side hussle ladie!

  2. Oh i knew i forgot something! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BEDROOM! OMG!

  3. Thanks Jo!!! My New Year has started off well – no complaints! Ha ha, thanks for your comments – side hussle I wish 🙂 That would be so cool to get paid to decorate!

  4. Wow, that is a display of excellent design sense for not being an interior designer. Major props!

  5. Wow!

  6. Wow, I am speechless! you have amazing taste! I love all the mocha browns & the modern decor you have throughout your house. When I glanced at the photos I thought it was a model home or something ;)I didn't know you knew Jo! hehe, I met her in person last year. She came to visit me in Plano, where I live. Anywho, have fun at the concert tonight! I love me some JL.

  7. Hi Laura, you are in Plano! Coolness! Yes, Jo and I have been following each other for a few years 🙂 Loves her! Thanks for the compliments! John Legend was awesome last night!!!! And Nokia Live was packed, almost every seat filled. He is such a cutie and a wonderful entertainer!

  8. Thanks Madeline, have a great weekend!

  9. 🙂 Thank you, appreciate it!

  10. are you sure? cause that's not what it looks like! Excellent..i dream of having matching furniture 🙂

  11. I'm sure Scooter Kitty, I'm not 🙂 But thank you!!!!

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